thanks for coming

Agent: Maxwell Cann
Territory: North America

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thanks for coming is the songwriting project of Rachel Brown (they/them), one half of the duo Water From Your Eyes. Brown started recording music alone in Chicago during high school (their first Bandcamp release bears the description "I wrote these songs instead of doing homework") before recording their first full band release “Dude, Just Shut Up” with Linda Sherman (Not For You) on bass and Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes, This is Lorelei, Opposites) on drums in the summer of 2015. The EP was released just a few weeks before they moved to New York City to study film and television at New York University, where they have remained since. Following their relocation, they continued to release music on their Bandcamp which now hosts almost 80 thanks for coming releases.

In 2017, they released the full band EP sspplliitt which features two versions of the band, the existing Chicago version and a New York version of the band including Charlie Dore-Young (Sweet Baby Jesus, Climax Landers) on bass and Mike Kolb (Kolb) on drums. Later that year, they released a solo LP titled “missing out” via Disposable America.

The band went through several iterations, but the longest lasting format featured Charlie Dore-Young on guitar, Mike Kolb on bass, and Nate Amos on drums. The last album recorded by this version of the band and by far the most notable work during this time was no problem (2019) a twenty-four track album with a music video (each by a different director) to accompany every song. Since January of 2020, thanks for coming has released four full-length solo records of demo material, one full-length album produced by Nate Amos, one full-length album produced by many different producers, and the most recent record, a full-length album produced by Brown titled Rachel Jr. released on their 25th birthday.

You Haven’t Missed Much is the first release with Danger Collective and is a collection of fourteen songs handpicked by Brown from their seventy-nine releases on Bandcamp. It's cover is a collage of pictures of Brown sourced by asking their social media followers to draw them from memory.