Agent: Devin Garcia
Territory: North America / Asia
Label: Kill Rock Stars



Shutups are a 4-piece band of anti-establishment California indie punks with a vested interest in capitalism’s implosion, whose new album I can’t eat nearly as much as I want to vomit  presents a very human expression of reality in spite of what is, overwhelmingly, a bad time for humans–– a seething, technicolor alternative rock sound that’s both intimate and infuriated.

Band members Mia Wood (drums) and Hadley Davis (vocals, guitar) met in 2012, finding that their different musical backgrounds either in or outside of formal training built the right environment for facilitating this duality. Since then, now joined by Hadley’s childhood friends Eric Stafford (guitar, secondary vocals, synth) and Brandon “Bud” Armienti (bass, secondary vocals, synth), they’ve come to release an impressively varied body of work. EPs 5, Six, and Seven, as well as their debut LP Every Day I’m Less Zen took on styles that varied from the compression of pandemic bedroom production to post isolation expansion and eventual DIY maximalism. Down to their self-produced music videos, their work is textured, layered, and unapologetically provocative.

The entire band besides drummer Mia Wood originate from Livermore, CA – the furthest suburb that can still be technically be counted as part of the Bay Area  – and you can feel the sneering resentment they have for the tech-bro vultures who have slowly taken over the bay in nearly every song the band releases, especially on tracks like “Shit Opus” from the Seven EP. But the political undertones of their songs are never hamfisted or overly self-serious, always undercutting their most furious and pointed lyrics with an impish smirk and a wry sense of humor.