Agent: Zach Silva
Territory: North America 
Label: Self-released

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ni-hao!!! is a four woman “cheer punk” band founded in Kyoto, Japan.

Their music transcends genre – a combination of punk, electronic, and voice, voice, voice voice!!! It is a joyful brand of punk that is unique to them – there is only one ni-hao!!! in this world.

Other acclaim includes drawing the attention of the legendary John Zorn who then produced and released their first two albums; Superstar Spanish singer/songwriter Rosalía chose “Matsuri-Shake” as her “MOTOMAMI Word Tour” Intro music; PRADA selecting “Matsuri-Shake” for the soundtrack to their SPRING & SUMMER 2024 WOMENS WEAR SHOW.

NI-HAO!!!! are...

RED ARIKO (drums+sampler,vocals)
BLUE YUKARI (floor tom,vocals)
YELLOW MIWAKO (bass,vocals)
PURPLE KAORI(guitar,vocals)