Maylee Todd

Agent: Tom Konitzer
Territory: North America
Label: Stones Throw



Maylee Todd is a multimedia artist, consultant, music producer and animator. Her creativity derives from a wide range of artistic disciplines; Songwriting, Music Production, Performance Art, Dance, 3D Projections, Animation, and Digital Design.  She recently released an NFT on With Foundation and animation with Adult Swim's Off The Air. She is best known for her multimedia show "Virtual Womb" which has toured internationally for Tokyo's Billboard Live, Fringe Manila, and across Canada. Maylee's creativity is inspired by concepts of Science Fiction, Futurism, and Psychology. She has created a series of Multi-Media experiences paired with her full-length self-produced records. This series includes "Maylee Todd's Musical Planetarium (2013), "Inamorata" (2016), "Virtual Womb" (2015- 2019), and "Psychonaut  Experiments" (2018-2020). Her productions incorporate 3-D Projection-Mapping, Animation, Digital Galleries, Live Music, Large Scale Installation and Fashion. Maylee facilitates artistic development workshops and mentorships for BIPOC fem identifying artists across Canada and internationally. Her creative development work includes collaborations with Regent Park School Of Music, Canada's Music Incubator, Kapisanan Philippines Arts Centre and in 2018 she transformed her home into a DIY space and venue facilitating works from artists, and cultural producers that create multi-media and alternative arts.  
She recently signed to LA-based label Stones Throw Records and will be releasing her fourth record as an avatar named MALOO in Spring 2022.