Tomato Flower

Agent: Max Cann
Territory: North America / Asia
Label: Ramp Local

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Tomato Flower is a collaboration between Austyn Wohlers, Mike Alfieri, Ruby Mars, and Jamison Murphy that fuses taut guitars and experimental structures with melodic pop music.

The Baltimore-based quartet melds irresistible melodies with rhythmic trickery and unexpected arrangements, bending genre at will. Formal constraint becomes an opportunity for play and surprise; the pop song becomes a psychedelic capsule.

Following their 2022 EP releases (Gold Arc, Construction) and subsequent touring, Tomato Flower returns with “Destroyer,” a hallucinatory piece of art rock. Interwoven guitars and pulsing rhythms collide like a struggle between the shadow world and the waking world, while the vocals shift between screaming and insistent melody. Tomato Flower moves into darker, heavier regions on “Destroyer,” crafting an oblique narrative of nighttime paranoia and distress.