The Homesick

Agent: Michael LoJudice
Territory: North America/ Asia
Label: Sub Pop Records

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Hailing from Dokkum in the northern part of the Netherlands, the Homesick meld angular, springy noise pop and post-punk with durable melodies and a playful sense of eccentricity. After winning critical acclaim in Europe for their 2017 debut, the trio signed with American indie Sub Pop and released their 2020 follow-up, The Big Exercise.

Comprised of guitarist Elias Elgersma, bassist Jaap van der Velde, and drummer Erik Woudwijk, the band earned a reputation as nonconformists not only for their eclectic, gritty pop songs, which take influence from the likes of XTC, Scott Walker, and Factory Records' heyday, but also for joyriding around their provincial town in Woudwijk's massive Unimog truck, a decommissioned military alpine rescue vehicle. Their notoriety grew with the 2017 release of Youth Hunt, a debut that combined the Homesick's offbeat humor and dark, lo-fi blend of jagged rock and nimble pop punch. Released on Dutch indie Subroutine Records, the album caught the ear of critics around Europe and eventually the U.S., where Seattle indie titans Sub Pop offer the band a contract. Released in early 2020, the Homesick's sophomore outing, The Big Exercise, added new layers to their sound with tricky Baroque-inspired instrumentation and an added focus on complex vocal arrangements.