Teen Daze

Agent: Devin Garcia
Territory: North America 
Label: Cascine

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Teen Daze is the moniker of British Columbia producer Jamison Isaak. Isaak didn’t anticipate an adulthood of globe-trotting songcraft, but teenage exposure to iconic French house music videos cast a spell on him that still holds. Catalyzed by synthetic sights and sounds from oceans away, he patiently taught himself primitive software and recording programs, reverse engineering the heady, swooning horizons of the dance music that had permanently bewitched him.

A decade later, having amassed an expansive discography of soft-focus synth pop and romantic electronica – crisscrossing the planet many times in the process – the subtext of his project’s journey rings clear: “Teen Daze is dream fulfillment.” Enter Interior. An ode to electric futures glimpsed in ecstatic heights, from bedrooms to big rooms, it’s an album of first loves refracted through prisms of wisdom, wounds, and wonder. Interior was released on December 10th via Cascine Records.