Stolen Jars

Agent: Tom Konitzer
Territory: North America

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On A Reminder, Stolen Jars’ third LP, feelings never disappear — they refract, bounce back, return as part of a new whole. The same can be said of Stolen Jars, a band Cody Fitzgerald has guided through multiple permutations, from a high-school bedroom project in Montclair, NJ to a fixture of the Brooklyn indie rock scene. The band – made up of Fitzgerald, co-lead vocalist and songwriter Sarah Coffey, guitarist Elias Spector-Zabusky, keyboardist Grant Meyer, and drummer Isaiah Hazzard – did their first full US tour in 2019 in support of A Reminder. Their music has been lauded by The New York Times, NPR, and David Byrne of The Talking Heads, to name a few, and has been featured in an Apple iPad ad and in multiple films. With a new record on the horizon, 2022 looks to be the band’s biggest year yet.