Agent: Jonathan Mattson
Territory: Worldwide 
Label: Babe City Records

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Press: Flood | Afropunk | Okayplayer

Pasadena-based artist Satchy is proud to announce his new album Warm Absence is out now via Babe City Records! Satchel Brown a.k.a Satchy is a genre-bending musician, songwriter, and producer. He has worked with acts such as: Zulu, Eyedress, Hana Vu, Ade Hakim, Schwey, and Dende; and received critical acclaim from FLOOD Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, Lyrical Lemonade, & more.
From its title to the sound and songwriting, Satchy’s new album Warm Absence is a captivating project inspired by and dedicated to his grandparents. The title, Warm Absence, comes from the feeling Satchy had while creating the album after his grandparents passing. He explains, “It was a way to connect with them one last time therefore leaving this warm and loving feeling to their absence.” In a way to cope with his losses, Satchy listened to and studied records from the 70s, ultimately finding the influence for the album. He states, “Falling in love with the sound and rawness of these records, I really wanted to encapsulate that same feeling that made me and my family love the records in the first place. Through that study I found myself relating to the jazz that was coming out at that time, especially Gil Scott Heron, so it was important to me to have an element of improvisation and jazz in the album to really get the entire vision.” With Warm Absence, Satchy has created an album that could live in the 70s but with a modern perspective.
Satchy is excited to perform songs from the album live. Joining him on tour will be Ruby (bass) of Pslams2beloved, Jon Redwood (drums) of Carter Ace and After Zero, and Ethan Hans (Keys) from Phat Yaki. In Satchy’s live shows, fans can expect a lot of improvisation and energy. He concludes, “When the band and I perform the songs we tend to add a lot of new ideas, mess with the structure, and improvise a lot to create a bigger world for the songs. We like to follow in the John Coltrane philosophy where every show sounds different. Same songs but different energy every show.”