Roc Marciano

Agent: Jordan Corso
Territory: World
Label: ALC



An MC and producer from New York City's tradition-rich Long Island, Roc Marciano is well-respected for his moody, claustrophobic beats and stream-of-consciousness, heavily stylized lyrics. Briefly affiliated with Flipmode Squad early in his career, he formed the short-lived crew the U.N. during the early 2000s before going solo, earning massive acclaim for his self-produced 2010 full-length Marcberg. Collaborating with rappers and producers like Q-Tip, Ka, and Action Bronson, subsequent releases such as 2013's Marci Beaucoup and 2018's RR2: The Bitter Dose featured more experimental production as well as sharper lyricism. Numerous collaborations appeared during the early 2020s, including 2022's The Elephant Man's Bones, produced by the Alchemist.