Agent: Devin Garcia
Territory: North America
Label: Saddlecreek

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Pendant is the recording project and creative outlet of Los Angeles based artist Christopher Adams. After a decade at the helm of various bands, Adams struck out on his own, uninhibited to follow his creative intuition. Those efforts yielded 2019’s Through A Coil, an ambitious collection of gauzy slowcore, haunting shoegaze and gritty rock. Paste Magazine praised the album, describing it’s eclectic sound as “harsher than a typical Britpop album and more pop-forward than your average shoegaze record, bringing the best of both worlds”, while Stereogum called it a “fuzzy blowout”.

In the time since, he’s completely overhauled his approach, ditching the guitars and turning inward, indulging in every creative impulse. His new material traces a current of experimentalism that runs from icons like Aphex Twin through to contemporaries Yves Tumour and Eartheater. Dense and unrelenting, and yet more accessible than anything Adams has ever released, the new collection naturally led to a signing with iconic indie label Saddle Creek, which has spent the past few years consecrating its legacy as an indie stalwart with left-field signings like SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE and Disq.

His latest, the sweat soaked, rave adjacent “Blood Rite” was hailed by FLOOD as “punk-meets-techno bliss”, and by Paste as “like Justice and at times a bit like Crystal Castles, Pendant captures the magic that made both stand out.” Electronic music is something that’s been “gnawing away” at Adams over the years, and with this new direction, he builds electronic pop like someone looking at the form with new eyes.