Agent: Michael LoJudice
Territory: North America
Label: bié Records 

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Born in Haining, China, Otay:onii (Lane Shi) is a troubadour, performing musician, multidisciplinary installation artist, working sound designer and film composer currently residing in NY. She is also the vocalist and synth player of the punk spit band Elizabeth Colour Wheel (US). Otay:onii ’s installation performance piece Unwrap! opened its first edition at Ming Contemporary Art Museum in Shanghai (2021), as well as a series of improvised sound pieces at Himalayas Museum, FanRong Museum, etc. Electronic, ambient, sound collage or noise, Otay:onii breaks down structures that “chains her neck and feet”, aiming to be free on the ride of acute instincts and establishing a bodily connection through the synchronization of the heart and mind. She believes in echos, and “solving a puzzle with another puzzle that can't be seen, be touched, but to feel.”