Agent: Devin Garcia 
Territory: N America
Label : Saddle Creek

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Ohtis—an alt-folk trio variously from Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago—call “Schatze” a “character study of the Selfish Antisocial Male.” Its call-and-response format is catchy and colloquial, like a DIY rock playground rhyme. “Schatz” is a term of endearment in German, but Ohtis borrowed the song’s name from a friend’s violently unfriendly cat (German: “Katze”). Listening to “Schatze,” one imagines that all the assholes of the world—ungrateful pets, disgraced celebrities, Donald Trump Jr.—might become briefly, astonishingly self-aware. What if they, too, could hear Chura’s acrid critiques ringing in their ears, exposing the angry, defensive little creature clawing its way out from inside each of us?