Nile Marr

Agent: Jordan Corso
Territory: Asia
Label: Oldham Street Records

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Nile Marr began his career as a solo artist alongside American singer-songwriter Meredith Sheldon, drummer Scott Griffiths and bassist Callum Rogers, with future tour manager for Blossoms, Dan Woolfie, as their sound engineer. They released their debut album TV Broke My Brain in 2016, although its constituent songs were written over a period of eight years. Marr released a debut solo album in 2020, titled Are You Happy Now? "Part Time Girl" was released as its first single in 2019. "Are You Happy Now?" followed in June 2020. An EP, Still Hearts, was released on 24 April, 2020. "Still Hearts" was its first single. Aside from the title track, there are two other tracks: "Hush" and "The Pusher".  Marr added acoustic guitar and backing vocals on 7 Worlds Collide's 2009 album The Sun Came Out. He has also appeared on two of his father's albums: on 2013's The Messenger he plays as a soloist, while on 2014's Playland he adds backing vocals. Marr has toured extensively with German film score composer and record producer Hans Zimmer.His influences include John Martyn, Fugazi and Elliott Smith.