Maximilian Hecker

Agent: Michael LojudiceJordan Corso
Territory: World
Label: Blue Soldier Records

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Maximilian Hecker is a German musician known for airy pop music, in the vein of The Verve and Nick Drake. After performing as a drummer in a number of small German bands, and after one year of making music in the streets of Berlin, his demo tapes attracted the attention of famous Berlin based record label Kitty-yo Records, who released his debut album INFINITE LOVE SONGS in 2001. The album was very well received worldwide and even reached the top ten list of the New York Times’ album of the year contest in 2001.

Hecker, who has over the years become more and more famous in East Asian countries like Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, has worked with several other record labels besides Kitty-yo Records, like V2 Records, PIAS, Pastel Music and Gold Typhoon Music and has played about 20 Asian and 12 European concert tours, as well as one worldwide tour in 2003/2004.

Working with producers like Youth (The Verve, Embrace, Paul McCartney), Gareth Jones (e.g. Depeche Mode) and Guy Sternberg (e.g. Jimi Tenor), Hecker has released nine studio albums to date.
On his current full length album, WRETCHED LOVE SONGS (2018), the musician deals with his difficulties to love, his lack of basic trust, his having remained a child, at least in dating situations, and his wretched attempts to successfully lead a grown-up love relationship. Four songs on the album carry the title MY WRETCHED LOVE, however, all songs on WRETCHED LOVE SONGS, not just those four, address Hecker's »attachment trauma«, his early childhood and the times of the birth of his severely disabled sister who was born when he was only two years old.

In 2019, Hecker released two duets – one with American singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata, the song HEADSTONE in April this year; the other one, a love ballad called THE FLOWER in June this year, a song written for and partly together with 정택운 a.k.a. 레오 from the group VIXX.