Agent: Maxwell Cann
Territory: North America

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New York/Atlanta based band Lowertown consists of Olivia O. (Olive Osby) and Avsha (Avshalom Weinberg). First meeting in math class their sophomore year of high school, the two became friends over their shared taste in music. Since Olive and Avsha were both already writing, recording, and releasing songs under their respective solo projects, they decided the summer going into their junior year they were to form a band of just the two of them.

That following school year, they released their debut project, which was written, recorded, performed and produced entirely in Avsha’s basement. The two went on to sign to Dirty Hit in their senior year of high school and released three subsequent projects under the label and began touring with bands such as Wet Leg, Beabadoobee, and Porches.

It’s hard to pin down Lowertown as one brand or idea, because their sound ranges from delicate and sentimental piano and guitar ballads to dirty and dejected punk tracks. They have retaine their dedicated, longtime fanbase and captivated new listeners through their eccentric and energetic live performances, ever-evolving sound, and aesthetic. Lowertown aims to leave the listener with a refreshing feeling of excitement and connection to their raw emotions and the question of “What’s next?”