Lily Konigsberg

Agent: Max Cann
Territory: World
Label: Wharf Cat

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Known as one-third of lo-fi noise trio Palberta (Wharfcat), one-half of the new pop sensation My Idea (Hardly Art), and part of the duo pop-jazz inspired Lily and Horn Horse, Lily Konigsberg’s solo releases have ranged from her early noise experiments of the mid-2010’s to later, more streamlined bittersweet indie pop. The latter was the focus of her 2020 EP It’s Just Like All the Clouds, which doubled as her first solo release with Wharfcat Records. She issued the song-focused compilation The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now in 2021, and is releasing her debut solo full length, Lily We Need to Talk Now, on October 2021 of this year.

A self-described lifelong musician and songwriter, Konigsberg was playing solo shows in her native Park Slope, Brooklyn as a teen. As a student at Bard, she teamed up with classmates Nina Ryser and Anina Ivry-Block to form Palberta, which attracted the attention of DIY freaks far and wide.

Meanwhile, Konigsberg worked on solo materials, releasing the improvisation seven-track I Can’t Stop Feeling So Good in October 2014, a split album with Ulysses of Hellier Ulysses appeared on Datura Sound in late 2015. Later in 2016 she released a short set of keyboard pop experiments titled Kawai That Claps.

Palberta began to receive wider recognition when Wharf Cat Records released their full-length album Bye Bye Berta in 2017 and were featured as one of Rolling Stone’s “10 New Artists You Need to Know” that month. That August, Konigsberg delivers a split release with Andrea Schiavelli, Good Time Now, her first official EP. Another EP, 4 Picture Tear followed in 2018.

In February 2020, Konigsberg set out on a tour supporting Of Montreal, which was cut short due to the pandemic. The shows she did play got rave reviews and merchandise flew off the tables after each show. This exposure got her a Pitchfork Rising piece, which was huge exposure for her. With the pandemic still at large in a lot of ways, Konigsberg has every intention of playing shows and touring on her new record, while also keeping her friends and fans safe. Let’s see what happens!