Gen Hoshino

Agent: Michael LoJudiceJordan Corso
Territory: North America
Label: Amuse Records

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Gen Hoshino is a Japanese singer-songwriter, actor, and writer. He started the instrumental band SAKEROCK in 2000, officially kick-starting his professional career as a musician. After leading the group, Gen would later debut as a solo artist in 2010. In 2018, he released his 5th album, “POP VIRUS,” a commercial success with sales of around 600,000 copies and downloads. Following the success of his album, he held a nationwide tour across Japan, boasting nearly 330 million attendees. For his 2019 "Same Thing" EP, Hoshino teamed up with multinational psych-pop sensation Superorganism and PUNPEE, the alternative J-POP/hip-hop DJ.