Foyer Red

Agent: Jonathan Mattson
Territory: North America

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Following the release of their debut, Pitchfork-approved, EP from last year, Foyer Red returns with the twee and carefree freak-punk single “Flipper.” The new track continues the bands brand of immediate and engaging “fuck-you crayon rock,” crafting fantastical and otherworldly realities in their stream-of-consciousness songwriting style. “Flipper” is playfully disjointed, with short, disconnected sonic arcs and lyrical vacillations between “reality” and Foyer Red’s dreamt-up post-apocalyptic world. Focusing on the satirical persona who drones on dramatically about hunger; the kind of silly girl (lead singer Elana Riordan) who goes to the bodega to buy more rolling papers and hangs out for a long while looking at snacks, waiting for something to happen. In its big, chaotic ending, the song’s narrator finds purpose, rage, and strength, in a way that will protect her for millions of years.