Fatboi Sharif

Agent: Jordan Corso
Territory: World
Label: POW recordings



“If a rap posse formed from today’s up-and-comers who favor dusty loops and heady verses, Sharif could be the ODB.” - Complex. 

“No two songs are alike, but the fragmented verses and horror flick references from each one form a twisted mosaic of Lynchian strangeness, where nothing is too strange, sacred, or taboo.” - SPIN.

"I want to create my own genre” - Fatboi Sharif

Sharif doesn’t look at his performances with the traditional lens that a normal rapper does, but treats the live show as a spiritual experience where Sharif and the crowd become married through raging and serenity. With being inspired as a child by Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, and Parliament Funkadelic it’s hard to put Fatboi in a box. Grit over glamour is the name of his game. Production wise, once he finds the right instrumental that speaks to him in his language, he’ll sit with it for a few weeks and sleep to it on repeat. He'll dream and see certain visions, colors, and shapes that create an image on top of the production canvas. This keeps his music everlasting. 

The premiere EP "Ape Twin" was the Garden State Gargoyle's first offering to the world showcasing his storytelling and descriptive penmanship with tracks such as "Breakin Nooz," "Cloud Atlas," and the foreshadowing first collaboration with producer Roper Williams (AKAI SOLO, Pink Siifu, YOUR OLD DROOG) on the deceased mermaid's love letter "Egyptian Mermaid Lust." After this collaboration and forming a friendship connecting through the shared interest in music, movies, and mutual hate of mediocrity, Fatboi Sharif & Roper William's "GANDHI LOVES CHILDREN" was brought into the world. On Gandhi Loves Children, Roper created a different world for each song leaving room for Sharif to expand on his audio spiral soup of thought. Coming off his breakthrough album, leaving an impression on many new listeners, Fatboi followed up with a 6 track EP “Cyber City Society.” Produced entirely by phenomenal stream-of-consciousness dart thrower “Lungs/Lonesword'' of the Tase Grip collective whose production is its own sub-genre of underground music.

Lyrically he’s inspired to paint pictures like Stephen King, Oliver Stone, Stanley Kubrick, Clive Barker, David Lynch, and Ernest Dickerson. A literature titan and comic villain-like figure, Fatboi is one of the most charismatic and beautiful individuals you’ll have the pleasure of meeting.