Agent: Tom Konitzer
Territory: N. America

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There’s a sly wink to Evangeline’s debut EP, Fuzzy, a bit of self-deprecation and sardonic humor that’s baked right into the title.

“I mean, Fuzzy sounds pretty stupid when you first hear it,” she explains. “But honestly, that word has always broken my heart. It actually means ‘distressed to the point of softness, difficult to perceive clearly or understand and explain precisely.’ I really wanted these songs to sound carefree and for the instrumentation and production to be as warm as possible, but I wrote them over the last three years about emotions and relationships that weathered me, feelings I had difficulty explaining clearly in the moment, years that made me soft.”

Recorded with producer Dillon Casey (Weyes Blood), Fuzzy is a raw, honest, and utterly addictive dose of alt-pop from a storyteller committed to baring it all in a search for clarity and purpose. The songs are dreamy and inviting, offering up shimmering sonic mirages that belie their true emotional depths, and the production is similarly complex and nuanced, layering analog and digital elements into disarmingly beautiful soundscapes that manage to feel both modern and timeless all at once. Add it all up and you’ve got a stunningly vulnerable, deceptively bright collection that’s as witty as it is poignant, a remarkable debut that lands somewhere between Whitney and Julia Jacklin as it playfully explores heartbreak and healing and all the confusing contradictions that come with it.