Emma Acs

Agent: Devin Garcia 
Territory: N. America
Label: Third Coming

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Denmark’s Emma Acs has been crafting melodious pop songs since she was 18 years old growing up within Copenhagen. Embracing the otherworld aspect of the pop realm while providing an underground sensibility to what some would deem to be a polished artform. Sparse atmospherics combined with Acs’ sultry vocals allows her to develop a style endowed with cinematic movements.
Acs released 2020’s While I Shoot From My Fortress of Delusions, an album that highlights growth within her writing. There is a darkened tone that speaks to the fading promise of youth amid a wash of sequenced synths, sorrowful saxophones and a haunting theme of isolation. Acs explores her identity through a meld of influences that pulls from jazz to hip hop, erasing genre boundaries to build a world of her own. Her group consists of various musicians from across the Copenhagen scene, including Marching Church and Pardans - Ida Duelund (bass) Bo Høyer Hansen (guitar) Daniel Hilden Honore (saxophone) Oskar Dinesen (drums) & Nils Gröndahl (violin).  
A prolific artist, Acs continues to delve into various musical side projects such as her EBM duo Evil House Party, featuring Jacob Formann. She’s also lent her voice to recent singles for Ecstasy In Order and Darcy Baylis. Before completing her largest undertaking by composing a piece entitled Prey Upon A Symphony for a 50-piece orchestra in cooperation with bandmate Ida Duelund.
Through it all, Emma Acs connects through an adept sense of vulnerability and fragile moments that we tend to overlook amid the continued waves of turbulence that confront us daily.