Agent: Michael LoJudice
Territory: North America / Asia
Label: Castle Face



EXEK play post-punk from Melbourne/Naarm. Formed in 2014, the group is led by Albert Wolski, who writes, records and produces. Casting a wide net of influences that range from dub, kraut, ambient, hip-hop and classic, the group's output differs from song to song, and also from gig to gig. Whethers its punk EXEK supporting a hardcore band from Texas, or art EXEK playing in a gallery space, they have the ability to chameleon between different milieus.

EXEK have toured several continents, developing a cult following, and have recently released their fourth album. "Good Thing they Ripped up the Carpet" is perhaps their most accessible album to date, managing to score Album of the Week across multiple radio stations Australia wide, and reaching number 2 in the independent albums chart. They’re fifth album “Advertise Here” is scheduled for late 2021 on Castle Face Records, and the band are eager to tour it. EXEK is pronounced exec (short for executive).

"This band exceeds in all my trials. Esoteric nature, but oddly poppy and ready to prick up any ears out there. Deconstructed, but full of hooks." - John Dwyer (Oh Sees)