Agent: Tom Konitzer
Territory: N. America
Label: Cosmica Artists

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Estereomance, a contemporary art-pop project composed by producer Manuel Calderon (El Cosmophonico), multi-instrumentalist and singer Adria Del Valle and renowned vocalist Paulina Reza, blossomed into fruition in 2019. Since then, they have elevated the range of West Texas Soul Pop to lean into cultural hybridity and sound that resonates with a global music identity. Navigating the border towns of El Paso, Texas and Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, the magic of their duplicity, both personally and sonically, manifests with their ability to fluidly supersede physical and musical boundaries. Together, their fusion produces a natural and powerful blend of seasoned musicianship, emotive lyricism and dynamic storytelling that dances effortlessly between their bilingual tongues.

Estereomance have rapidly captured the attention of audiences on a grand scale with their 2020 self-titled EP release Estereomance, and their follow-up EP What Do You Want It To Be? In late 2021. They have been featured as cover artists on multiple Spotify playlists, including their “dreamy” playlist, landed coverage on The FADER and have been showcased as Today's Top Tune on KCRW. Their single “Dung Ding Dang” has over 200K streams and secured a feature on Netflix’s Todo Va Estar Bien