Dream, Ivory

Agent: Yiwei Meng
Territory: North America / Asia

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Dream, Ivory is the hazy and melancholic music duo consisting of two brothers, Christian and Louie. Starting in 2016, Dream, Ivory has been creating music that intertwines experimental instrumentation with the disposition of life’s occurrences. With both new and recurring themes in their music, they strive to be as diverse as they can — while also retaining their signature ambient sound.

The many faces of Ginseng “We’re called Dream, Ivory and started it in 2016. I grew up listening to a lot of alternative and indie bands, and my brother did too, so we were like, Fuck it, let’s start our own. We knew how to do simple chord progressions and shit, so we wanted to see where we could take it. It was mostly just for fun, like we weren’t trying to get big off it or anything. Now, we’re trying to take it a little more seriously.”- Fader