Agent: Max Cann
Territory: North America / Asia
Label: Tin Angel



Art-punks Deliluh forge their own path. The Europe based / Toronto bred project of Kyle Knapp and Julius Pedersen has maintained a slow-burn of self-produced analog offerings since their 2017 debut. Three albums in, they’ve continued to mine the gaps between post-punk, drone and experimental music, exploring the spectrum with an organic, yet fiercely resonating sonic identity.

Following their 2017 LP ‘Day Catcher’ (Hand Drawn Dracula), and 2019’s two biting consecutive follow-ups ‘Oath of Intent’ and ‘Beneath The Floors’ (Tin Angel Records / Telephone Explosion Records), the group sought greener pastures relocating between Marseille and Berlin. Their latest release, the 10 inch ‘Amulet’, documents the beginning of a new chapter in a new world, bringing the two-piece into focus with visceral conviction. Knapp’s hard-boiled lyrics and sinister delivery remain razor sharp over the backdrop of gritty synths and cutting guitars. Sax and violin subvert in alien disguise, weaving over tape-modulated percussion, both in-sync and unhinged.

With a steady blaze of touring in their rearview, Deliluh has returned with cut and dried intentions and unbridled intensity. All the while, their dedication to vital recordings with homespun attitude has kept the wire hot with anticipation for what’s ahead. Rejecting any sense of singularity has granted them a reputation as risk takers worth paying heed to, along with the freedom to carve out their own sound on their own terms.