Agent: Michael Lojudice  
Territory: N. America/ Asia
Label: Post Present Medium 



As the lights of the city flicker on through a fading orange haze, the distinct sounds of DREAM_MEGA echo through a maze of damp alleyways. The project of Los Angeles-based artist/musician Joel Kyack, its sound merges analog synthesizers and noise with wind-based instruments like the hulusi, khlui, harmonica and voice, all filtered through a sweat-soaked fever dream of real-time improvisation, manipulation and looping. As a founding member and multi-instrumentalist with the Providence, RI band Landed (Vermiform, Load, Corleone, Hospital), Kyack helped craft a particular style of heavy, groove-based chaos that is oft-referenced in his new EP “minus_world” (Post Present Medium), mutated here into a dark, stoned-out vision for a dystopian future. He is a past member of Six Finger Satellite and Megafuckers.