Agent: Jordan Corso / Tom Konitzer
Territory: North America / Asia
Label: Mexican Summer



Khari Lucas is Contour, a multifaceted project with a powerful artistic voice that reaches not just music, but also fashion, modeling, and film. His current musical output exists somewhere between jazz, soul, and psych rock, but he considers himself a student of all areas of music, and intends to cover as much sonic and thematic ground as possible over his career. In the past Contour has supported artists like Toro Y Moi, Liv.e, and Keiyaa. He’s also collaborated with brands like Telfar making it clear that Contour is at the forefront of a new Avant Garde.

In 2019 Contour was one of eight artists chosen to receive a grant from NTS and Carhartt WIP. The result was a stunning NTS-produced video for his song “New Garden. More recently, Contour toured the EU with Keiyaa and was featured on Oakland based Smartbomb’s series Smartbomb VHS EP 3, billed alongside Toro Y Moi, Liv.e, and Pacific Yew. Contour has also collaborated with Telfar, producing a music video to introduce the brand’s Black Camo line in April 2021.