Chinese Football

Agent: Zach Silva
Territory: North America 
Label: Wild Records

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Chinese Football, originating from Wuhan, China, inherits the noisy legacy and echoes of independent rock from the 1990s. Their music, characterized by a fusion of simplicity and complexity, narrates tales of passion, fantasy, and disillusionment. Since the release of their self- titled debut album "Chinese Football " in 2015, they have garnered recognition from fans both domestically and internationally, delivering dynamic performances in Livehouse venues and major music festivals nationwide. Following two mini-albums "Here comes a new challenger! " & "Continue? " in 2017 and 2019 centered around "the game of life", Chinese Football unveiled their full-length album "Win&Lose " at the end of 2022, thus concluding their "game trilogy" of compositions.

Expanding their touring horizons to Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and beyond, the band steadfastly pursues their original manifesto: "Break out of Asia, step into the world, give it your all, leaving nothing behind."