Chinese American Bear

Agent: Zach Silva
Territory: North America

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Chinese American Bear is a quirky, lighthearted, retro mando pop-rock band from Seattle creating eclectic & fun Chinese/English music - one of the few bands in the US creating Chinese lyrical songs. They’ve been described as the wholesome child of Melody’s Echo Chamber, Dusty Springfield, and Care Bears. They are unabashedly themselves, writing songs about things they love like dump-ings, being cute, traveling through space while eating noodles, all backed by actual well written and produced music. The duo writes, engineers, produces, and mixes everything by themselves, keeping the DIY spirit alive.

After the release of their second single “好吗 Hao Ma”, the song and video quickly grew on it’s own, picking up 100K+ listens/views across platforms, and hundreds of comments from new fans. They quickly started to form a
small, but niche global fanbase. After the release of their 3rd single “饺子Dumpling” the duo signed with one of China’s biggest indie record labels Modern Sky in late 2021, and and a publishing deal with Low Profile (NYC).

CAB released their debut album on July 8th, 2022, and despite their DIY efforts outside of China, and to their surprise, they landed on multiple Spotify Editorial Playlists like Chill Vibes, Fresh Finds, All New Indie, Fresh Finds Indie, Indie Shuffle, Chinese Indie Picks, 組團飆歌, and 獨立最前線, along with H&M’s Official In-store Playlist, and ove 6,000 third party playlists. CAB has been featured on BBC, multiple radio stations in Europe, and have received pressfrom Paste Magazine, We All Want Someone To Shout For, Also Cool Magazine, and other smaller outlets.

The duo takes pride in their quirky and energetic live show, which features live dancing dumplings, bears, and othe costumed performers. The duo performed their first show ever in Seattle opening for Spirit Award, played Capitol Hill Block Party in July, and have an album release show in August.

“Their creative chemistry is what makes Chinese American Bear’s eight tracks—many of which the duo have been steadily releasing online in recent years—so vivid and imaginative. Their debut is bright-eyed and light-hearted in a way you can’t help but share.” - Paste