Agent: Jordan Corso
Territory: North America
Label: Sonido Muchacho / Universal



Cariño first entered the spotlight just under five years ago, after a demo with songs the trio had recorded at home caught the attention of fans of a new independent pop movement. Those songs, two of which would later be recovered as part of their first release with indie label Elefant Records, became the defining sound of the band formed by María Talaverano, Paola Rivero and Alicia Ros: pop melodies that get stuck in your head, cheeky lyrics, and a fresh attitude that immediately garnered national attention.

The trio’s success skyrocketed after they released a cover of C. Tangana's hit song Llorando en la limo. In contrast to the original version’s glamor, Cariño’s lo-fi pop cover immediately connected with the fans of a new independent movement in Spain: a fresh new sound that was unique amongst the glitz that had become typical across Spanish urban music.

This was just the beginning, and Cariño has only continued to deliver on their promise with each of their following releases. Their mini LP Movidas (2018) became a collector's item which currently sells for three-figure prices, and their EP X si me dejas en visto (2020) released by Madrid-based label Sonido Muchacho and featuring their most emblematic song “:(”, has only solidified the trio's power to transform pop and the way young people use music to communicate.

Each new single, most of which were released only in their digital format, demonstrate the band’s evolution and an increasingly unmistakable and resounding sound. Songs like Te brillan or Excusas raised expectations following the release of their first LP, although the group unfortunately was forced to take a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All that was put behind them after the trio’s triumphant return in Mexico City, where they played two consecutive sold out shows at the iconic Foro Indie Rocks. It seems the events of the last two years have only strengthened the band, which has announced their much anticipated first full-length album slated for release in spring 2022.