Bubble Tea and Cigarettes

Agent: Zach Silva
Territory: North America

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Formed in 2020 in NYC and currently based in LA, Kat & Andi released their first LP, "There's Nothing But Pleasure," in 2022, which received wide acclaim around the world. Their first pressing of 1000 vinyls sold out within a week of the album's release, and their songs have been streamed over 5 million times across platforms. They had a 13-cities headline USA & Asia tour in March/April 2023, packed every show, played multiple 500+ capacity venues, and selling out multiple.

Growing up in traditional families and grinding through high-pressure 9-to-5s in their adulthoods, this project is an emotional haven for Kat & Andi to unleash their dark fantasies and questions about the disheartening realities, in the form of love stories. As they grew up, artists who make truthful and vulnerable art have helped them through some of the most difficult times, so they are striving to create music in the same spirit, hoping to help people who are like themselves.

Their music is dreamy, cinematic, and melancholic. It's influenced by Japanese melodicism, European cinema music, Brazilian bossa nova, and a touch of American psychedelic. Their songs tell stories of post-adolescence romantics living dispirited but pleasure-seeking lives against the backdrop of a modern metropolis.