Agent: Jonathan Mattson
Territory: North America
Label: Beevine Records

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PRESS: New York Times | NPR

“richly melodic and mysterious songs.”
-New York Times

Pop innovator BONZIE has endlessly found new forms of expressing her vast imagination. A songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, she’s explored everything from post-rock to folk to fantastically surrealist pop, executing each with extraordinary grace. Over the years, she’s also drawn acclaim for her captivating live show (“Delicacy and drama, surrender and anger, made a riveting combination when BONZIE performed,” wrote New York Times chief popular music critic Jon Pareles following an especially magnetic SXSW set). On her third album Reincarnation, BONZIE again redefines the limits of her musicality, ultimately creating a listening experience not unlike lucid dreaming: immersive and infinitely spellbinding, yet touched with a transformative clarity. A fearlessly singular body of work, Reincarnation serves as an exquisite showcase for BONZIE’s newly emboldened songwriting. To that end, the title to Reincarnation refers to the radical sense of possibility, treading unfamiliar musical ground as she considers a world poised for change “like the shedding of skin off a snake.”