Agent: Zach Silva
Territory: North America
Label: No Sleep Records

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Blush is a Singapore-based band that takes alt-rock for a deep-dive into the slow and emotional. The band introduces a distinctive if abstract marriage of slowcore and contemporary indie rock, tied by the common thread of wistful bliss and offhand sentimentality. They turn the volume up too: Ubiquitous to Blush’s sonics are a crescendo fuzz that’s thick as syrup, and as cathartic as it is cacophonic.

Blush made their live debut in November 2021 at Singapore’s largest alternative music festival, Baybeats, and have been active in the local music scene since; opening for international acts such as, Softcult and Turnover. The band has performed at various venues in Japan and Thailand the past year, most recently in Tokyo during the summer as support for indie trailblazers Sobs and Forests, also headlining their own show with To’morrow Records. In June 2023, the band signed with No Sleep Records and released their first full-length album on October 13, 2023.
“In October, the four-piece Blush shared their debut album Supercrush, and the music is as lovesick and dreamy as their name and LP title suggest. Reminiscent of Lush or Slowdive, their songs are meant to get lost in, floating along with hazy guitars and syrupy vocals.” - Stereogum