Beauty Queen

Agent: Devin Garcia
Territory: North America
Label: Grim Pop

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Beauty Queen, the pseudonym of multimedia artist Katie Kai, is an exercise of retro tinged melodic pop that conjures images of late night escapades and youthful abandonment.

Born and raised in Maui, Kai moved to Baltimore for college as a painter before work allowed her to explore the lush gold coast of California. Settling in San Francisco in 2019, Kai met with producer Henry Moser of Daywave to begin work on her self-released debut EP Out of Touch. Kai’s vibrant vocals float above a layer of hazy guitar lines, 70s inspired synths and pulsating rhythm built for the smoke-filled aura of a sketchy after hours club.

In 2020, Kai collaborated with her friends Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore of dream pop duo Tennis on her recent  singles, “Sweet Memory” and “Two Of Us.” There is an air of romanticism and exuberance that weaves its way through Beauty Queen’s music, the rush of feelings that becomes too overwhelming to bear.