Armand Hammer

Agent: Jordan Corso
Territory: World 
Label: Backwoodz Studios Records

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ARMAND HAMMER (pronounced Arm & Hammer) is a New York based hip-hop duo consisting of MC/producer ELUCID and rapper billy woods. The duo’s 2013 debut, Race Music, made waves as a then-rare pairing of two established underground artists. That album was quickly followed with an EP; Furtive Movements in 2014. Despite burgeoning solo careers both artists continued to collaborate over the following years; making appearances on each other’s work and performing together, but fans would have to wait four years for a new full length. Armand Hammer released ROME in November of 2017 to effusive praise, and then doubled down with Paraffin in 2018. Like opposite sides of a coin, the two albums are connected, yet radically different in their design. Rome and Paraffin brought a wave of critical acclaim, cementing ELUCID and woods place as two of the most vital voices in the genre today. Now they are back in 2020 with their fourth LP, Shrines, a powerful, vibrant record unlike anything else out there. When it comes to progressive rap music, Armand Hammer is the tip of the spear.