Anastasia Coope

Agent: Michael LoJudiceMax Cann
Territory: North America
Label: Jagjaguwar

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Hailing from Cold Spring, a small town in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley, the 20-year-old vocalist/producer/painter, Anastasia Coope, is a formidable talent in several arenas, but it’s her striking baritone— a haunting, resonant timbre that can shift from spectral to serrated— which may first draw listeners in.

Citing Brigitte Fontaine, Nico, and Scandinavian choral music as provenance, her music bears the lineage of classic psychedelic folk and can sound, at once, persuasively vintage and strikingly new.

Today, she shares “Tough Sun” / “Seemeely,” her first 7” released via No Gold, the new label from Liars’ Angus Andrew, a joint venture with the NYC-based agency, Anniversary Group. The single establishes the young singer/songwriter’s richly naturalistic recording approach with multilayered vocal arrangements and minimal acoustic guitar work.

Following her self-released EP, Seemeely, the single features two new songs, including the EP’s previously unreleased title track. “Tough Sun” / “Seemeely” will also receive a physical release on cloud white vinyl October 6th. 

Angus Andrew says, “There’s a magical quality to Anastasia’s music. It has that captured in a jar feel somewhat akin to Alan Lomax’s field recordings. Wondrous songs exist in their own temporal space, created according to an unhurried logic that feels contrary to the modern world.  I am devout.”

“Tough Sun” is a hushed paean to a future child. Its austere guitar work and quiet melody sketch a warmly inviting ode to partner and progeny, as Coope envisions the likeness of a son reflected in its father. As her spectral alto hovers about a youth choir of multi tracked vocals, “Tough Sun” reveals itself as a unique hybrid of daydream and lullaby, at once tender and idyllic.

“Seemeely,” originally intended for inclusion on Coope’s self-released debut (also titled Seemeely), sets multilayered vocals on a prismatic guitar pattern that flashes and glints, achieving a hypnotic drone state.

Coope was invited by Animal Collective last year to perform at their curated edition of the Utrecht, Netherlands music festival, Le Guess Who, before opening a series of East Coast tour dates this past spring for Avey Tare. “Her recorded music feels secluded to a special place, maybe otherworldly, yet it also feels grounded in the here and now,” Avey says. “She’s very much in control of her craft and able to dismember and loop song forms to express her ideas which feel very new and fresh.”

Coope’s own NYC event series, Bonzo, has featured performances by members of Deerhunter, Gang Gang Dance, Out Hud, and Horsegirl, among others. A forthcoming edition of Bonzo will take place at Trans-Pecos in Ridgewood, Queens on October 6th in celebration of the single’s release.”