Anastasia Coope

Agent: Michael Lojudice / Maxwell Cann
Territory: North America 

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Anastasia Coope is not exactly an anachronism, but she is certainly an anomaly: At just 20 years old, her talents as a painter and musician are both fascinating and formidable, but it’s her striking baritone— a haunting and deeply resonant timbre that can shift from spectral to serrated— that first draws listeners in. Born to an English father and American mother, whose original Martin acoustic she uses to compose, Coope hails from the upstate New York village of Cold Spring in the Hudson Valley.

Citing The Residents, The Everly Brothers, and Vashti Bunyan as provenance, Coope’s recordings can sound persuasively vintage. Ambitious, provocative, and alluring in every sense, her forthcoming full-length, Darning Woman, is a deeply evocative album, full of compelling characters brought to life in her impressionistic, lyrical style.